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I would look on eBay - generally plenty of them on there. Also note that the LHD and RHD center panels are the same (so you can buy from the UK, which might be less expensive)

Also: If you are replacing the GPS with gauges, you will need some additional wiring harness. I'd recommend the JagWrangler kit:

Merry Xmas!



2003 Jaguar XKR; 1976 Mercedes 450SL; 1996 Mazda Miata & 2008 Nissan Frontier

Good afternoon.

I'm wondering if anyone in the group could help me find some parts.

I have a candy apple red X KR 2003. I am looking to change the center panel which has the navigation screen to a 3gauge package. I am not looking to replace all of the wood interior of the car just the center panel so color does not matter since I plan on painting it flat black. I will need the panel along with the gauges that will work with my car and year. I am also looking for the two vents in the hood. I'd like to paint a new set flat black as well but keep the two that are currently there for any future owner. I am also looking to replace the front grill with flat black as well.

I am located in Connecticut and can be reached at

I hope everyone is having a great holiday any help will be helpful.

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